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Helping People Recover Money Held By The Government

Has USD Finders Contacted You? If We Have, We May Have Located A Large Sum Of Money Owed To You! Please Read This Very Carefully

About US

USD Finders is a small group of professionals base out of Florida that does extensive research auditing government agencies nationwide, locating Large sums of Money owed to private individuals just like You. These government agencies are holding Your Money and it’s our job and to help you claim it!

We Take our Job Very Seriously!

I Know You're Thinking What Is This Going To Cost Me?

Our firm works on a contingent basis – there is NO out of pocket expense for you whatsoever. We only get paid when we are successful in collecting the funds that are owed to you by the government agency holding the funds.

Our Mission

Our mission is to do everything in our power to help you claim the funds that are legally yours and have a right to before it’s too late! There is a short time limit to claim the funds and we have to act quickly or the government agency holding the funds claims those funds for themselves to use for another frivolous government projects and your right to that money will EXPIRES!

Another Goverment Agency Not Tell The Whole Story

We think private citizens losing their funds to faceless government agencies is completely unfair and we are determined to prevent this from happening to anyone, especially you.

It Is Our Pleasure

We'd love to see you claim the funds we've found for you! What would you do with a nice, unexpected payday? In this economy, everyone's got a use for extra money. Let's make sure the government doesn't end up with it. By you getting the money you're now on the winning side of the dealing with a government agency! Nows it's your chance to stick to the government! with our help we will make sure that happens!


These funds are held for only a brief period, and once you have spoken to one of our agents and have verbally agreed to let us work your claim we will setup a time for you to sign a several pages of documents we can start the process of claiming the funds, before the government seizes the money and it’s gone forever.

Having Professionals On Your Side

We know the "ins and outs" of government agencies in every states. If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to get them! Since after a certain period of time elapses, the government may get to keep your funds, it's always best to have professionals working for you to expedite your claim as quickly as possible.